Atlantis Theatre is a company that comes in and out of existence based on necessity. It is about occult ritual and the performance of tragedy, and in this, the audience is edified and our society made healthy. Its purpose is spiritual, not political, and in this, the theatre becomes a sacred space, away from society- a place where anything can be said and done onstage. The work we do is an evolution from Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty.

This page is a record of past productions.


Written by Howard Barker

Directed by Joshua Ruebl

Starring Emily Ruebl, Kyra Gardner, and Jonny Barrett

Performance: Studio Theatre, Arcata CA, 2009.

British dramatist Howard Barker’s 1990 One Act play “Judith: A Parting from the Body” is a modern tragedy, written in a form that the author calls “The Theatre of Catastrophe.” Barker’s plays are populated with characters in a state of crisis, usually in moments of catastrophe, where all morals are sacrificed for passion and desire. “Judith” is a retelling of the Apocryphal story of Judith and Holofernes, and is an examination of desire and the body, and how the state and ideology restrict our human passions.

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Written by Jean-Claude Van Itallie and Joseph Chaikin

Directed by Emily Ruebl

Starring Omari Howard, Genevieve Angle, Joshua Ruebl, Matt Kirchberg, Susie Sciancalipore, Nora Karakis, Ali Beltramo, Lanelle Chavez, Jessi Walters, Mackenzie Cox, Sarah Golden , Jackie Goldstein, and Brittany Williams.

Performed in the Studio Theatre, Arcata, CA, 2009

Joseph Chaikin and Jean-Claude Van Itallie’s “The Serpent” is a drama in the school of Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty. It is a drama about modern women and their spiritual relationship between Self and Body, and Body and Society. Throughout this drama, the Kaballist interpretation of Genesis as a tantric text is explored via the myths interspersed with women’s stories in an unfolding ritual of dreams.



Written by Harold Pinter

Directed by Craig Slayton Smith

Starring Emily Ruebl, Joshua Ruebl, and Colin Trevino-Odell

Performed in the Studio Theatre, Arcata, CA, 2009.

Harold Pinter’s 1958 play “The Lover” is an examination of the bourgeois suburban lives of Richard and Sarah. Richard allows Sarah to entertain her lover while he is away at the office. A pagan ritual develops within the play, revealing the secrets and animal passions that civilized society keeps hidden.