2010 Humboldt State University, Arcata CA- MA Theatre Arts: Acting/Playwriting.

1998 Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis MN -BFA Studio.








“Untitled Columbia Pictures Feature” Body Double 2019.

“Holey Moley” Audience. 2019

“Hannah Simone,” Pilot. Business Traveler. 2019

“Tommy,” Pilot. City Hall Visitor. 2019

“Gray’s Anatomy,” Hospital Patient. 2019.

“The Affair,” Wildfire Evacuee. 2019.

“Euphoria,” Pilot. Steakhouse Patron. 2019.

“AJ and the Queen,” Drag Show Audience Member. 2019.

“Brooklyn 99,” Corpse. 2019.

“Single Parents,” Summer Camp Parent. 2019.

“AJ and the Queen,” NY Pedestrian/Jackson, MI courthouse patron. 2019.

“The Rookie,” Businessman. 2019.

“Glow” Cowboy Casino Patron. 2019.

“Transparent” Season Finale 2019. Israeli Flight Passenger 2019

“How to Get Away with Murder” DA Employee. 2019

“VEEP” Season Finale 2019. Kemi Supporter. 2018

“Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare (Cromulent Shakespeare Company) Characters: Cinna, The Cobbler, Cato, Lepidus.  Various venues, Minneapolis, MN, 2011.  Directed by Mark Palmer.

“The Serpent” by Jean-Claude Van Itallie and Joseph Chaikin. (Atlantis Theatre)   Characters:  The Doctor, Cain, Ensemble.  The Studio Theatre, Arcata, CA. 2009.  Directed by Emily Ahrens Ruebl.

“The Lover” by Harold Pinter (Atlantis Theatre) Character: Richard/Max.  The Studio Theatre, Arcata, CA. 2009.  Directed by Craig Slayton Smith.

"In the Mirror" a collaborative piece by Pangea World Theatre.  Ensemble Member, writer.  The Playwright's Center, Minneapolis, MN. 2005.  Directed by Dipankar Mukherjee.

“Night Piece” by Wolfgang Hildesheimer. The Man. Directed by John O’Donohue. Ultima Thule Theatre. Masonic Lodge, Minneapolis, MN, 2005



“Trade for Magic” a film by James Byrne (Assistant Director)  2012

“Judith: A Parting from the Body” by Howard Barker. (Atlantis Theatre.) Also provided set design.  The Studio Theatre. Arcata CA, 2009.

“Ohio Impromptu” by Samuel Beckett, Humboldt State University, Gist theatre, 2009.

Performances of plays:

"Falling" 2014, performed as part of the Short Play Festival at the Hoag Theatre, Pueblo CO.  Directed by Craig Slayton Smith.

"Palisades" 2010, staged reading at Humboldt State University Gist Theatre, Arcata CA.   Directed by Kristin Mack.



“The Homecoming” by Harold Pinter.  (Humboldt State University) Arcata, CA.  2010.  Directed by John Heckel.