On the Magickal View of Life

This unedited passage is from my upcoming book on THELEMA and the Occult called “The Chaos Aeon:”

Upon first connection with the infinite, the initiate will look inside himself or herself, and the voice of the initiator will speak.  This is a voice that speaks from deep within, from deep in our ancestral memory, and this voice is aligned with one’s intuition, and a way of perceiving the secret intelligence behind the veil of the material world, and when the initiate gives themselves over to this way of seeing, to this voice, a connection will be made.  The initiate will look at this world around them, and a feeling will present itself.  It is the feeling that they’ve always held deep in the back of their minds from early childhood, throughout their formative years, throughout their entire “formal education” and as they move into adulthood, that understanding, that feeling will stay hidden in the back of their consciousness until that moment when all is unveiled, and they make the full understanding that none of this is real.

            All reality is a fabrication, all based in our absolute shared collective belief in its “truth” or “solidity.”  No two people can possibly share the same exact view of this reality, yet we all share in this illusion, feeding both its the negative and positive aspects.  The space between the electrons in the cloud around the nucleus of an atom is empty, and the relative distance between the nucleus of an atom and the electrons is almost infinite. We are 99.999% empty space.  Time and space are but perception, and the forms of things are not solid.  We are electricity.  Electricity burns through our bodies which do not exist. Our collective belief in the solidity of things is nearly impenetrable, and the only path to freedom is via initiation.

            Here is the way of balance, and the way of power.  In the Tao, this is the Way, the path of the warrior, a path without fear.  The reality prescribed by our collective society and its way of seeing instills in the consciousness of the individual an overwhelming sense of fear.  The world of men is a world of fear, and the Adept is one who through their own independent actions, wields their lives like a dagger against all anxiety and all fear.  Through the process of initiation, this reality crumbles and the intelligence of the universe guides one through obstacles called “processes of initiation” that assist the initiate to erase every neurosis and anxiety that leaves one inhibited in manifesting their will on this, the material plane in direct rebellion to the façade that is prescribed to imprison us all.